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Meister Eckhart

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Sound of Barking Dogs

Today I deliver the Annual Aquinas Lecture for the Aquinas Institute in St. Louis, where I am now living and teaching.  I had to share the great graphic they came up with for my talk.  The full title is, The Sound of Barking Dogs: Meister Eckhart and Saint Thomas Aquinas

Here is a brief description:
A defining moment for the Dominican Order was its defense of Thomas Aquinas. The Order’s backing of Aquinas was not without controversy. Surprisingly, little has been written of Meister Eckhart’s contributions to this critical debate. Eckhart, a renowned preacher, master of Paris, and provincial of Saxony (1303-1311) also served as vicar for three Dominican masters general. This lecture offers a brief survey of the controversy, explores the values Dominicans found in Aquinas’ thought, considers Eckhart’s use of Aquinas and suggests themes still valuable in contemporary Dominican studies.

On Monday there will be a seminar in the morning for faculty and students followed by the Eucharist and a luncheon.  What a great way to honor our patron and for me to promote Meister Eckhart.  In the past the lectures have been video recorded and posted on the shool's website.   I will have more information on this later.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Living in America

Well after two years in Oxford I made the trek back to America spending Christmas in the great southwest of New Mexico with family and friends.  In early January I began the task of relocating to St. Louis Missouri where I will be January to September.  The plan is to return to Oxford for the Fall and see what lies ahead.

I apologize for the gap (I seem to say that a lot).  Transitions are not easy things especially when it involves an ocean.  Christmas too was a big distraction so mea culpa once more for my neglect

I will be teaching at the theology school sponsored by the Central Dominican Province, Aquinas Institute of Theology (a.k.a. AI).  I am looking forward to being back in St. Louis and reconnecting with people.  The school stands adjacent to St. Louis University and we have amazing resources because of that.  The students are a good mix of religious and lay.  I will be for the semester the 'Visiting Professor for Dominican Studies' and teaching two courses as well as some additional talks.

I will also be doing some 'part-time' work at the Catholic Student Center at Washington University.  More on that when I get settled.

St. Louis has changed since I was last here.  It seems like a city on the rise so I think I will enjoy rediscovering it.

Well that is it for now.

Until next time.