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Meister Eckhart

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Eckhart on the Trinity

I noticed that the link to Meister Eckhart's sermon on the Trinity 'Deus paciswas not properly linked, so people were not able to access it.  It is a shame as it is a lovely reflection on the Trinity translated by Karmen Lenz and myself.  

Eckhart uses the Scripture passage from II Corinthians 13 verse 11 The God of Peace and Love be with you for his meditation on the Trinity.  The mystery of God's three-fold unity is a rich theological notion that every preacher struggles to treat.  Here we see Eckhart, the preacher and teacher, beautifully presenting this mystery.

Just to let you know we are working on completing the remaining two sermons on the Trinity and we hope this summer will give us the time needed.  Hope is the key word.

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